Hit Me With Your Best Shot…

Staying current is exhausting.

I am not talking fashion, being in the know regarding the best places to travel or restaurants to sample.

I am referring to health in 2023.

I never worked as hard as the last few years to secure the Covid booster and follow up shots.

This year I have been on Red Alert for the release of the new Covid vaccine and the best timing for the flu shot.

When the Covid shot was recently offered it was another ordeal as Walgreens and CVS only offered locations far from home.

After continual scanning I found a CVS close by and scheduled a 5:15pm on Monday.

Torrential rain and gusting winds greeted us.

We made it to the pharmacy and 55 minutes after our scheduled time, crammed into a corner of the CVS surrounded by canes and high rise toilet seats and waiting with impatient 90 year-old infirm shot takers, we were stabbed and bandaided and released into the wild.

Unfortunately, for the very first time, I spent a tortuous night. Both arms were weighed down with pain and my migraine was off the charts.

I am okay with the pain. I now feel armed and, hopefully, this defensive shield protects me from flu and Covid.

I am back to wearing my mask in crowds especially on the subway and in theater.

I hope everyone gets the shots so that we never experience any form of the horrors we all endured.

Be well. This is not a political issue. Please let them hit you with their best shot💉

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