Hip Hop Hamilton…


Where is Alexander Hamilton when you need him?

I would love to see him eviscerate all the latest Republican candidates.

Now there was a politician with brains, policy, substance, integrity and mass appeal.

Hamilton Stage
Hamilton Stage

Last night we saw the sensational Broadway production of, Hamilton An American Musical, a unique musical experience about rebels grabbing and shaping the future of a young, naive country.

Hamilton is making its own history by changing the language of Broadway musicals, effectively blending rap, hip-hop and R&B ballads into a cohesive, entertaining and enlightening package.

The musical melds voice, content and dance to deliver a visceral experience where you are transported back in time.

Andy Blankenbuehler’s choreography is brilliantly innovative.

Through Alexander Hamilton’s eyes, revolution looks like the Kardashian TV show swirling with sex, marriage, music, bullying, drinking, disputes, intrigue and back room negotiations. But this was real…no script, classy, directed people of substance.

Cast of Hamilton
Cast of Hamilton

Lin-Manual Miranda who wrote the book, music and lyrics and plays Alexander Hamilton, is a super star, but he does not stand alone in the spotlight.

Phillipa Soo & Lin-Mark Manuel
Phillipa Soo & Lin-Manuel Miranda

Miranda shares the stage with a whole host of talented performers with amazing voices, especially Phillipa Soo who  plays Hamilton’s wife, Eliza.

Although a young widow, Eliza Hamilton continued to defend her husband’s legacy after Aaron Burr took Hamilton’s life during the infamous duel and was an involved, independent woman.

Andrew Rannells as King George
Andrew Rannells as King George photo;tumblr.com

Andrew Rannells (Girls, Book of Mormon) made one hell of a King, commanding the stage with his voice and hilarious expressive gestures and demeanor.

If American history was taught with this amount of enthusiasm and spunk, the population would not have any problem retaining this country’s past.


Hamilton An American Musical, is a must for all. I imagine that it will be making history on Broadway and around the world for years to come.

Please note when considering building the BIG wall on the U.S./Mexican border or putting an end to the refugee influx, remember that Alexander Hamilton was an immigrant.

The Great White Way
The Great White Way

Hamilton An American Musical Richard Rodgers Theatre 226 West 46th Street NYC. Running time 2 hours 55 minutes with one 15 minute intermission.




  1. Leslie Feldman says:

    Great review! We are going to see it in May for my birthday. We got some decent seats that cost only an arm!

    Let me know if you are coming to FL!

    • I also just saw three more fabulous plays (not musicals) King Charles, Sylvia and A stripped down A View From The Bridge. If we survive Paris I should be in Florida in December. Take care and Happy Birthday to your mom!!

  2. Wonderfully written review!

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