High Noon and Naked…

Palisades Park, Santa Monica, CA

Just returned from my daily doggie trek to Palisades Park along the Santa Monica cliffs with spectacular views of the wide southern California beaches and the Pacific Ocean. It is a glorious walk, especially between California and San Vicente Boulevard because the homeless are not as prominent.

I am the first to jump on the “why are there no social services in the state of California bandwagon”…just a travesty. A round of boos for former governor, Ronald Reagan. It sure does not seem as if the city of Santa Monica does a damn thing to monitor the park adventures of the homeless, many who appear to be mentally ill.

Not a day goes by where I do not witness the transient population peeing on the grass even though there are very nice public bathrooms. They eat out of the garbage cans and then drop the debris on the lawn.

palisades park
Palisades Park

Today was the worst. Two homeless people were having sex at high noon (as my friend said, “having a nooner”), doing it doggie style and naked from the waist down. Mothers and their children were fleeing the Park at Wilshire and Ocean. I think I am scarred for life. 2 Blocks down by Santa Monica Blvd. a man pulled out his Anthony weiner and urinated in a lovely circle. I must say that I have never seen anything like this in New York City’s Central Park.

Sales tax is 9.5 percent in the city of Santa Monica. It does not appear obvious that funds are allocated for the homeless. Additionally, Park rangers should be patrolling the Park several times per day yet I seem them fleetingly. NO SMOKING signs are prominent, but many smoke and no one is around to enforce or protect, Give out tickets and bring in more revenue for the park.

It is a remarkable state of affairs since there are dozens of tourists visiting Palisades Park daily…stunning mismanagement.

The stretch of Palisades Park runs several miles and is truly a sight to be seen minus the naked body parts, scratching areas I just don’t want to be seen scratched and the laundry drying on the railings. I am not saying move the homeless elsewhere, let’s just try for some decorum and allow people to enjoy the Park without being asked for money and having to step over filthy sprawled bodies.


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