Open and honest.

 I am feeling quite anxious in public.

Hiking and the bimonthly grocery shopping forays are in my comfort zone, but eating outside or just being around a gaggle of strangers is uncomfortable.

I never really noticed how loudly people speak during a meal…that particular annoyance was highlighted before only in movie theaters and during Broadway shows.

Humans grate on my soul these days, especially if they are close at hand and maskless.

This pandemic has irrefutably changed me…anyone else?!

Is there hope for ever going back to the “old normal” comfort zone?

Home is my new happy place. Funny, I used to use it as my rest stop.

I should consider a move to Denmark which is rated as the country with the happiest people.

Denmark’s widespread access to education and healthcare remove anxiety-inducing competitiveness…plus they have great TV shows (check out Borgen).

Short of moving to a more geographically desirable happy place I have sought refuge at California beaches.

Last weekend that bubble was burst when a man was arrested on Zuma Beach in Malibu (we were down the beach from the action) sporting a rifle and 3 other loaded guns under his trench coat.

He was harassing a young woman on the beach. She wisely called 911.

They found him weaponized plus a cache of additional loaded guns in his car along with 1,500 rounds of ammunition.

Appears that it will be a slow roll back to reality, especially in such a polarized, violent, angry, ignorant and hate filled country.

Nowhere to run to, baby…nowhere to hide.

Photo: Freepng.se

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