Hide and Seek…

uni2I have been Hide-ing important information for over 30 years…my secret sushi sanctuary. You can keep Nobu, Masa and all the pseudo frou-frou sushi establishments. I like it simple and raw.
Twice a week I venture to Sawtelle Boulevard, the au courant, trendy eating street in West Los Angeles. Sawtelle between Santa Monica and Olympic Boulevard used to be a garden paradise, filled with a plethora of Japanese nurseries, as well as hardware stores and bungalows from the 1940’s.
I first discovered Hide when I stopped at the hardware store back in the early 80’s and noticed a tiny sushi restaurant attached to the building. I ventured in and have never been disappointed. I used to sit at the sushi bar and run into the most interesting people…famous authors, rockers (loved my conversations with Rita Coolidge), soap opera stars. We would chat, gorge and jet. I devoured the exact same selections Saturday night as I have ordered for decades.
Tako and Ika with Shiso
Tako and Ika with Shiso
We always start with their amazing salmon skin salad with cut up cucumbers, gobo, daikon sprouts, sesame seeds and shaved bonita, dressed with a fab homemade ponzu sauce ($7.50)  that the sushi makers split for us.

The chain of events unfold in a timely fashion with incredible hamachi (yellowtail $4.80)), hirami (halibut $4.80) drizzled with ponzu, a huge salmon and fresh, delectable avocado roll ($4.60), tobiko and quail egg ($4.30).

Deep breath, a sip of sake and then ika and shiso leaf (squid and mint leaf $4.50), hokkigai (surf clam $4.50), rich, pate like monkfish (ankimo $4.80), well done, crispy unagi (freshwater eel $5.50) and we always end with the best uni ($7.00) in the universe…silky, smooth in texture and taste all washed down with cold sake (Hakutsuru $9.30/bottle)…Kanpai!

Salmon Skin Salad
Salmon Skin Salad
They serve fragrant miso soup ($1.50), tempura and teriyaki dinners. The fish is always fresh, servings generous (2 pieces to every order) and prices are very reasonable. The same staff has been there forever. The servers are efficient and gracious.

Albacore and Hirame
Albacore and Hirame

The ambiance is non-existent except for the helpful, affable Fernando who always takes care of business. Be prepared to be carded unless you are 90 plus years old. Sign up at the board upon entering. No reservations and your entire party has to be in the house before you are seated.

tuna roll
Tuna Avocado Roll
Hide Sushi, 2040 Sawtelle Blvd. between La Grange and Mississippi Avenue in West Los Angeles. Open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am-9:00pm, Sunday 11:30-8:00pm. Closed Monday. No reservations and Cash Only.  Parking available and they validate.

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