Hide and Seek Amazing Sushi…LA Restaurant Review

Hide is my favorite sushi restaurant…anywhere, ever.

We are sushi lovers and have sampled Japanese cuisine all over the globe.

We have indulged in very expensive, trendy sushi and Omakase meals and I still believe that Hide in Los Angeles is the best…it’s the whole package.

Hide was a little hole in the wall on Sawtelle in West LA.

No more.

Very recently the restaurant was redecorated after many, many years and it looks fabulous, but still comfortable and familiar.

I first ate at the minuscule Hide in 1979 when it opened and was adjacent to a hardware store on the same street a few doors down.

Now it is a stand alone and the new look is reminiscent of a Japanese jazz club with a welcoming sound system and great music overseen by the restaurant manager and part of the Hide family.

When we walk in the door a sushi chef is already preparing our Salmon Skin Salad with Gobo which is traditionally our starter dish.

The sushi selection remains constant. The service at the family owned business is impeccable and the prices very reasonable. Two pieces come with every order except for the hand rolls.

Hide is what I miss most when I am away from Los Angeles and the first place I visit when I land.

Hide was closed for months during the height of the pandemic.

Please never change or close down, again!

Hide Sushi 2040 Sawtelle Boulevard. Open Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am-9pm and Saturday 11:30am-8pm. Free parking. Cash only. ATM machine available. No reservations.

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