He’s Moron Man…’’’

I have a friend who is an apostrophe/grammar warden.

I graduated with a journalism degree and pride myself on trying to achieve grammatical perfection.

I spend hours writing, editing and proofing my blog posts.

I welcome her observations…thankfully, they are infrequent, meaning I am achieving perfection.

I invite her to take a look at the incredibly imperfect statement by the cringeworthy congressman, Matt Gaetz.

That man just announced his re-election campaign in a tweet.

It’s chose your fighter time. I’m you’re Florida Man!”

He typed 9 words and misspelled 2 of them.

Add to his lengthy list of offensive actions the line items that he used Venmo to pay for sex with underaged girls and is also the subject of a Justice Department investigation in which he is accused of paying a teen to travel out of state with him.

It would not be a stretch to assume that he would be an assistant manager at BJ’s Wholesale Club if his daddy did not have his back.
Don Gaetz, Matt’s father, sold his hospice company for $400 million in 2004 and had a net worth of $25 million by the time he ran for the Senate in 2006.
When it was Matt Gaetz’s time to run for office, he raised almost $480,000, nearly five times more than his rivals raked in allegedly from his father’s cronies.
Let’s hope that Gaetz is soon to be just an apostrophe in the history books.
Hopefully, his post script reads, “The former congressman is spending his time in prison rather than enjoying LIFE’S riches as your Florida man.”
Photo:Apostrophe Snitch

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