Here Comes The Rain Again…

Greetings from weather confused Southern California.

My final departure took longer than planning my wedding.

We were meant to depart four times and when the final day arrived it was the worst weather in decades in California.

I nervously dialed the airline and proceeded to beg and plead and cry and was able to take my flight yesterday instead of Saturday when the skies opened up and a blizzard warning was declared in LA County.

I tracked the Saturday flight and it was an 8 hour journey.

Our flight took 61/2 hours and proved to be relatively smooth.

Fun Facts…I never knew that TSA Pre-Check does not open at JFK airport until 4:30am. Since our flight  was at 5:30am we were there before preferred check in and before restaurants opened and, unbelievably, there was no coffee for the weary travelers.

I must admit I already miss the vibrancy and plethora of interesting opportunities that NYC offers along with my daughter and doggie.

Nevertheless, after calling AAA and having our car batteries charged (I wish a human body jump start was offered with membership) we headed to one of the only places we miss in Los Angeles, Hide Sushi.

 By 8pm PT I was baked.

Monday’s Mission is to acclimate to my environment and do a deep dive and see what opportunities abound in Lalaland.

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