Hello, Gorgeous…

We have a new addition to our home.

Over the weekend, my birthday present arrived.

Peloton has moved in and taken over.

It’s not a new puppy which is at the top of my bucket list, but it is a fabulous new companion.

She is sleek, fast and a real taskmaster.

I take her for a spin daily, rocking to the hits.

I have to admit I love not having sweaty people perched next to me at Equinox.

No one is talking or looking at their phone, tossing their hair or half naked not able to take their eyes off themselves in the mirror.

No sign up or arriving early to set up the bike.

It is another reason not to leave the house and take the chance of running into selfish, unmasked peeps.

I am usually secretly wishing for a birthday bauble from Bergdorf Goodman, but this gift had me at hello.

Plus, the Peloton Princess, has agreed to be my Peloton guru so I am set to dive into this new life cycle.

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  1. Welcome to the family! I can’t think of a more perfect addition – I think Peloton was made with you in mind…Knowing your love for music, you may never get off!🚴🏼‍♀️🎼

    If anyone wants to get one, they should use your referral code – you both get $100!

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