Hello From The Other Side…

Sean Hannity is taking his show to Congress.
Sunday one of his producers became involved in the full court press.

To what end?!
In fact, Moderates are growing increasingly irritated with the tactics Jordan allies are using to pressure them into voting for him, with one member noting the Hannity show has become involved in the efforts sending potential defectors the email below.
One lawmaker said the push is counterproductive to swaying Jordan skeptics.

What happened to our government’s checks and balances?

Can’t any official jump in and end the insanity?
Jim Jordan as Speaker is as destructive as Hamas or Hezbollah stepping into the role.
BULLETIN! As of late last night moderates are flipping as Jordan is threatening them with right wing media vitriol and primary harassment. They are caving.
Hello from the other side…looks like America has officially gone to hell.

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