Hell No…

Haughty Image, Haughty Man.

Senator Josh Hawley sitting alone in the Senate Gallery, feet up, totally disengaged from his responsibility to listen and learn and serve as an impartial juror during trump’s impeachment hearings…some say he was paying bills and catching up on paperwork.

A note of interest in reference to the young Josh Hawley…he was remembered by former students and staff at St Paul’s, the elite British school for boys where he spent a year teaching, as an aloof, rightwing political obsessive who had made himself popcorn to watch the US invasion of Iraq.

Back to the present day scenario. Let me ask how stupid do these bigoted, narrow minded, self- serving senators think Americans are?

Lindsey Graham, Rick Scott, Josh Hawley, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee all feel that trump is being unfairly portrayed.

Graham went so far as to say he was “offended” by the House managers “absurd” presentation and that he was very disappointed in the Capitol Police for not protecting the Capitol more effectively.

I have to say I am deeply offended that Graham, Lee and Cruz had a pow wow to discuss today’s strategy with trump’s defense team after the House Managers rested their case yesterday.

Fair and objective? I think not.

We all know that that the overly bloated, narcissistic sociopath will be exonerated by these feckless, neutered, egotistical Republican senators.

This circus is a travesty.

It is a slam dunk that trump is beyond guilty of inciting an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

But, have faith in the realization that there are enough righteous, motivated, conscientious Americans to make these cowardly politicians pay for their unAmerican ways and their sole desire for self-preservation so that they can continue to lounge in their power positions.

We will not forget or allow these domestic terrorist yes you, senators, and the incompetent disposed despot, to ever again rise up to defeat democracy.

Not on our watch.

As one of my favorite rockers, Ian Hunter sang, Once Bitten Twice Shy.

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  1. We will not forget.

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