Heart Of Gold…

Anyone else feeling disconnected from the Olympics?

Few personal Golden moments for me this week.

Usually I am riveted to the TV.

This time around I’m mildly interested.

Could it be my disconnect from my fellow humans after the isolation experienced during the pandemic or my loathing for half the USA anti-vaxxer population?

Ironically, the Opening Ceremony saw the lowest ratings in nearly 30 years. Preliminary figures for the four-hour televised event is now being called a ratings flop drawing 17 million viewers worldwide.

Something is in the air.

The US women’s soccer team and the men’s basketball team are underperforming, Simone Biles pulling out of the women’s gymnastic team finals competition and ultimately, the individual competition, Katie Ledecky upset in the 400 meter freestyle and failing to medal in the 200 meter freestyle, Naomi Osaka losing in the early rounds of the tennis competition and the American men losing a backstroke race at the Olympic pool for the first time since 1992.

Nevertheless, I still cry over the human interest stories and am thrilled for the athletes earning medals, but I don’t schedule personal viewing parties.

Inexplicable…maybe my overall sporting mojo has been severely beaten and deflated since the last Olympics due to my undying devotion to my severely underachieving sport’s teams.

Hoping for much success and many Golden Team USA moments, but I am definitely on the sidelines this time around.

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  1. Cindy Ruby-Brown says:

    Women’s Rugby 7’s is tonight! Kristie Kirshe grew up with my daughter and played soccer for my husband from preschool through high school. I plan on watching.

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