Head Case….

It pains me to write today’s post.

I am approaching hour 24 of an off the charts migraine.

I experienced my very first migraine at age 8.

The only time I went longer than one week without a migraine was when I was pregnant.

Two days after giving birth they started up again and have never ceased.

Some weeks, I have them every single day.

They were fun when I was on the road with the bands and had to stay alert, strong and motivated until 4am and this is after dealing with the press all day, sound check, a 2 hour concert and then hangin’ with the band until very late into the night.

I have literally tried everything from biofeedback to headache clinics, nutritionists, eastern medicine, acupuncture, dentists. I waited 6 months to see the head of neurology at UCLA who prescribed chia seeds, CoQ10 and various vitamins.

I rarely drink and I have had to forfeit my beloved Chopin martinis…life’s a bitch!

I do know that I possess unbelievable inner strength and fortitude as I am often in intense pain while  constantly faking it, attempting to appear normal.

Anyway, that’s my rant for the day.

Bask in the alleged warm weather forecast for the east coast this weekend.

I am not being seduced into packing away my winter coat just yet.


*Cartoon: peasandcougars.com



  1. Cathy Newman says:

    I don’t like this at all!! I knew you got them, just never realized they were so frequent. You’re a good actor, because you always have a smile on your face when I see you. I’m so sad you are saddled with them, on top of everything else. So sorry, dear one. Hope your trip to Mexico will be just what the doctor ordered. 💕💜

  2. Migrains are a big bummer. I don’t guess chiropractic helped?

    • Unfortunately not. Once in a while it does when the migraine is muscular, but unfortunately it is a very temporary fix.

  3. I’m asking God to heal you from this. It’s a terrible thing to have to deal with.

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