He Had Me In Stitches…

Life works in mysterious ways.

My annual body check with the dermatologist was on the books in Los Angeles.

I had my list of questionables, specifically pointing out a spot on my face which I naively thought was a below the surface blemish that was unwilling to vacate my visage.

It came back as a basal cell carcinoma.

Fun times.

I did not not have time to schedule an appointment to have it surgically removed before departing LA so the doctor scraped it, leaving me with an angry hole on my face which was masked with a teeny weeny bandaid.

The  patch is front and center in all my photos from Mexico City…lovely remembrance.

Medically Moving On…David just had out patient surgery.

I needed to accompany him home because goodies that make you sleep were administered and the doctor will not discharge you without a responsible chaperone.

Pick up was 2pm.

4 hours later we were helping each other maneuver our way home as I also went under the knife.

World traveler, humanitarian, Harvard grad and well regarded plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Johnson, took one look at my facial boo boo and cried foul.

He immediately whipped up releases and before I could say ‘Juvederm’ he had me on the table.

Right after shooting me up with 5 needles strategically placed by my right cheek and nose area, the good doctor had extracted a large thing from my face…the malignant devil ran deep.

I was stitched up and sent on my way.

I have a huge tolerance for pain, but when the numbing agents wore off I knew that I could never endure a facelift so I am stuck with the face that I am presently sporting, hopefully cancer free.

Since my mom passed one month ago I have been smacked in the face with way too many challenges.

Let’s hope that I have passed the test with flying colors and can move forward into a more positive, productive space, metaphorically leaving behind a colonosopy bag of irritated poop.

I am now hopefully ready to ‘face’ the world.

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