Happy Valentine’s Day & Super Bowl Weekend…

Swept away for Valentine’s Day.

Just before departure some lovable thoughts:

Love Nathan Chen and his amazing Gold Medal performance.

Why is Eileen Gu representing China…I know her mother is Chinese, but that Motherland!

Watch Gilded Age on HBO Max.  It is from the team behind Downton Abbey. Fabulous cast with many Broadway actors representing and the lush costumes and sets are a must see. It’s an absolute delight.

Watch the Oscar nominated film, CODA! Belfast is ok…dying to see Licorice Pizza, but not streaming yet and I am still not ready for movie theaters.

It is going to be in the 80’s all weekend in LaLaLand.

Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy the Super Bowl or at least the commercials.

Love is in the air💜♥️


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