Happy Days Are Here Again…

January 20th, 2021…a Day of Renewal and Hope.

It’s “B” Day.

We can all exhale.

Clasp hands all you good Americans…we are experiencing a kumbaya moment.

Along with the Covid vaccine we need Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to provide a dose of positivity and stability to begin the nationwide healing process.

Today we begin to cure what ails us.

It won’t be instantaneous, but much better days are imminent.

Hold on, the Democratic Cavalry has hit the high road.

Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are also sworn in today along with Kamala Harris’ replacement, Alex Padilla who will become the first Latino senator from California.

Revel in the glory, pomp and circumstance of the inauguration, focusing on the message and the majesty.

And, the best news ever…Ding Dong the Orange witch’s reign is dead…done, gone the way of his imaginary healthcare plan, the Wall, defeating Covid, gone is the bullying and endless stream of negative, self-serving tweets, buh bye Melania, Ivanka, Jared, Donny, Kimberly, Kayleigh, Kellyanne, Stephen Miller, Giuliani and all of Humpty Trumpty’s idiotic entourage, so much for ending North Korean and Iranian nuclear weapon development, the complete failure of #BeBest, the telling of 30,324 lies, that voice, hair and diapered big, fat ass.

Hail to the New and Improved Chief!


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  1. all good…..with love and patience sanity will return …………a good day !

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