Happiness Comes In Waves…

Life’s a beach.

At least for me.

No drugs, CBD or alcohol needed.

When the daily rigors get me down or I just want to relax, I find peace at the beach.

It may be a cliche, but the sound of water is just the most alluring soundtrack.

A dream day is a good book, a well done order of french fries from the beach cafe and solitude.

Other than rain, the beach is appealing anytime.

When I was a kid, I loved going to Tod’s Point in Greenwich, Connecticut with my dad during the fall and winter.

A snowy day at the beach is awesome.

We would walk the entire Greenwich Point Park area and then we would pull out the beach chairs and blankets from the back of the station wagon, unwrap the bagel and lox sandwiches with the thermos of hot chocolate that my mom would throw together, turn on WNEW which played Broadway show tunes on Sunday morning and devour The NY Times…my favorite sections were Sports, Arts and Leisure, the bridal announcements and the NYT magazine.

We would go to the beach very early to be home for the 1pm kick off for the NY Giants away games.

Home games, our other special time together, were enthusiastically attended in the flesh.

Throughout my life, other than the NY Giants games, my beach memories are among the most vivid and glorious.

Anyway, I am still addicted to the beach and now subscribe to the theory that your only major worry in life should be if the tide is going to reach the perfectly situated beach chair.


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