Hand Holding Is Hot…

After decades together I am delighted to report that romance is not dead.

Four days later it may be old news, but Valentine’s Day was all that.

I was awaken by my Prince Charming (Friday’s version) with breakfast in bed.

Satiated, I left him behind for a challenging, but awesome spin class.

I returned and took my husband out to lunch.

My Valentine’s gift was an unbelievable 90-minute massage which rocked my world and allowed me to walk tall without grimacing for the first time in a long time

Afterwards, we stopped by BOA to see our bartender friendies…I believe it is important to have friends in high places.

They treated us to chilled perfection…2 impeccable martinis.

Feeling buoyant, we crossed Ocean Avenue holding hands and watched the sun brilliantly set over the Pacific from the cliffs above Santa Monica beach.

I must admit that I still get all giddy inside when he reaches for my hand..the feeling was validated during Saturday afternoon giddy girl talk by my amazing friend, Laura.

Valentine’s Day was topped by an incredible dining experience at Pasjoli enhanced by champagne, caviar and a fish entree that rivaled Le Bernardin.

My man has still got it💜❤️

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