Groovin’ To The Oldies…

I cannot say it’s all bad sitting on a bench with a cloudless sky overhead, watching the dolphins swim by in perfect symmetry.

KSURF just played Spiral Staircase’s, More Today Then Yesterday followed by Gladys Knight and the Pips, Midnight Train To Georgia, Hang On Sloopy and I Love Bread & Butter by the New Beats.

Lil Eva got me up off the bench and dancing the Locomotion, propelling me up the hills and home.

Seriously, what could be better…sunshine, the ocean and great oldies.

Anyway, I am out and about early due to the time change.

The day began at 3am just in time for Morning Joe.

I walked to town to meet David for breakfast as supplies are limited and he was heading home after his Krap Magoo (aka Krav Maga) class.

It’s only 10am, temps hovering around 50 and I am the only person out in the elements without a down jacket, wool beanie and gloves…these peeps don’t know cold.

Residents are rather conservative around these parts so watching me dance and sing minus proper cold weather attire, the looks and lack of smiles make me assume that they think I’m suspect or at the very least, a Democrat.

Moments can be great and this one is.

Keep on Dancin’ and A-Prancin’.

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  1. Beth Martin says:

    I love the image of you out there dancing and singing jacketless. I want to join you. Cold and rainy here.

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