Groovin’ In A Convertible…


I just experienced a perfect moment.

The top was down, I was cruisin’ the Pacific Coast Highway on a gorgeous Thursday morning. The Pacific ocean was on my left, not a cloud in the sky, water was sparkling, no traffic which is a rarity and my doggie in the seat next to me, smiling.


Meghan Trainor’s uber hit, All About That Bass (no treble), was blasting and for 20 minutes there was no renovation, dust, ceiling cracks, annoying men or a rapidly diminishing bank account. Just the sun, soothing, refreshing breeze, catchy tunes. I was young and carefree…

When you are happy it is like a wave washing over you, cleansing the soul. No worries.

I wanted to keep driving, but Madison needed water after throwing up all over the vet’s office and shaking uncontrollably all because she had to have a shot.

The Container Store was delivering the parts needed to construct the new closets that are being installed tomorrow. The window is 12-4pm and my window always seems to open 45 minutes after the absolute last prescribed time slot.

Back to the dust bowl. I relish the time I am able to wallow in dust and destruction while I await yet another workman…BUT I did just have 20 minutes of glorious happiness.

What more could a menopausal woman ask for?!

Enjoy the weekend. The NY Giants have a bye so mine should be relaxing. I hope you find, at the very least, 20 minutes of unadulterated pleasure!

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