Grocery Gorging…

Just had a grocery threesome.

Trader Joe’s, Ralphs and Gelson’s.

Nothing sexy about that.

In my mind there are three reasons to go grocery shopping.

1. To have food in the house so you that you don’t starve.

2. In California, to be prepared in case of earthquake.

3. To be able to binge shop guilt-free, although prices have sharply increased and a dozen eggs precludes splurging on the in-store Starbucks at Ralphs.

Other than that I hate grocery shopping.

You drive to the store, park, shop, wait in line to check out, load the car, drive home, unload, unpack, recycle the bags.

It’s time consuming and joyless.

Grocery satisfaction was previously achieved back when I finished tucking the bands in and then, after foregoing dinner, I would stop at a 24 hour Vons and grab a frozen Entenmann’s coffee cake.

While it defrosted I snacked on a suitable alternative food group, but those nocturnal adventures are long gone and only suitable after midnight when no one can see you committing this egregious act.

The best supermarket to party in is Wegmans which is only on the east coast, predominantly in the northeast, Now that is an enjoyable shop and they do not hassle you if you indulge in late night snacking in the aisles.

This was my first grocery sojourn in months because in New York City you order delivery…love Amazon Fresh.

Now, my destiny is cooking dinner.

Sadly, two viable takeout options have just shuttered in our town so I am back to reigniting my intimate relationship with the kitchen.

Bon Appetit.

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  1. I am weird enough to enjoy grocery store shopping. Sometimes, I meet people I know. I enjoy discovering the latest examples of producers raising prices by downsizing quantities. At some stores, I enjoy talking to favorite clerks about politics and sports. I am seeking therapy. But I think I am hopeless.

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