Good Day Sunshine…

Nothing like a beautiful spring day to make your Sunday sunny and bright.

Central Park

It was a welcome respite from Friday’s monsoon, the previous snowstorm and days of temperatures hovering in the 30’s.

I literally have never seen so many people in Central Park as there were yesterday.

New Yorkers running in barely nothing.

English was the foreign language on the pathways overcrowded with tourists.

The city must be making money hand over fist.

We walked Finnley for 3 hours and then brought out Ms. Madison for her first foray into the Park in over 5 weeks.

She is an amazing doggie and is healing quickly, learning to compensate for her loss of a toe.

We headed home to get gussied up for our elegant and delicious brunch at Marea, a very posh restaurant located on Central Park South.

I was able to catch the first inning of Yankees Opening Day and it would have been better if I had missed it.

Tanaka, the Yankee ace, was hammered in the first and the team with the best record in spring training, lost their opener…sure, when it counts, they go down to defeat.

We experienced a wonderful brunch and met a lovely couple visiting from Brazil.

Marsden Hartley

We did not want to waste any of the day so we switched out the Louboutin’s for the Nike’s and headed uptown to the MET Breuer to take in the Marsden Hartley’s, Maine, exhibit.

This exhibition explores Marsden Hartley’s complex and visually arresting relationship with his native state, Maine which was a lifelong source of inspiration for the artist.

We had invested in over 17,000 steps (7 miles) and we still needed to get home through the Park.

We waded through hundred’s of Italians, French and Rusiian visitors who have no spatial integrity and made it back just in time to collapse.

The sun was still shining and we were satiated from another enthralling Sunday in the City.

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