Golden Abyss…

Breathing life back into my contaminated body on a park bench in Central Park.

Sprawled out at the finish line for the New York Marathon and projecting…must be why I’m breathing heavily and feeling lightheaded.


I wish these symptoms were athletically induced, but I’m still feeling off.

Hallelujah…the sun is out for the first time in four days, the tourists are snapping photos of the dogs and I have emerged from hiding in my darkened bedroom.

Building stamina and girding my loins for a Thursday night Giant defeat against the undefeated Patriots.

This alien body invasion makes me feel decrepit.

Jeez, is this a sneak peek at the Golden years?!

This Golden Girl in-training is fighting like hell to not cross the line, avoiding at all costs plummeting head first into the “Golden” abyss🖕🏼

Weekend Affirmation: Go Yankees…at least there is 1 team that incites joy and hope.

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