Going For The Gold…

Going for extracurricular Olympic gold may be a new complex vertical competition at the 2021 Japan Olympics.

Normally, gold is achieved off the playing field by participating in  horizontal relays between the sheets.

During Covid times it appears that the world’s best sports competitors are set to spend their nights on cardboard beds, allegedly designed to collapse under the weight of more than one fit body.

The organizers are also distributing a cache of condoms to the athletes, as they have at every Olympic Games since 1988.

This year, the condom tally is 160,000…that’s a far cry from the 450,000 doled out for the last Summer Olympics, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

LAppears as if the organizers are giving with one hand and taking away  with the other…maybe they should hand out masks as well so that the body has complete coverage.

The environmentally positive news is these potential mating vessels are 100% recyclable.

The beds purportedly can embrace up to 440 pounds which makes me think with all the fit, low body fat participants, athletes will not be short sheeted on Olympic extracurricular activities.

Let the games begin.

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