Go For It…

I am certain that we all can achieve anything if we make up our minds to just do it.

Serena Williams, the GOAT of women’s tennis, rallied to a straight set win last night during the opening round at the US Open.

Williams claims this will be her Open swan song.

She has announced her retirement as the champion approaches 41 years of age. Serena has won 23 Grand Slam titles.

She was determined. Serena has not been playing many matches of late and during her last few tournaments she did not play well.

Last night was all about grit and determination.

Many of us will not become professional athletes and earn millions of dollars

I bet we have all achieved greatness in our own lives.

I recently did a reality check and I have done pretty damn well.

Can’t wait for tomorrow to achieve more even if it’s only the perfect omelette or insanely delicious  batch of brownies.

BTW, I know I achieved greatness when I birthed my fabulous daughter.


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