Glam Squad…


I have my very own Glam Squad.

Step back JLo, Kardashians, Housewives of every ostentatious city in America.

I spent several hours with my posse at Sally Hershberger in NoMad yesterday and I look absolutely maaaavelous…like totally camera ready.

Selfie time.

Let me introduce the magic makers.

Travis Speck cuts hair like a gemcutter creates the perfect emerald cut diamond.

Fresh off Fashion Week where he beautified the Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tory Burch runway models, he found the time to cut and blow dry my locks, leaving my hair looking effortless, sexy and runway ready…my catwalk dead ends in the kitchen, but a girl can daydream about flipping her gorgeous mane and strutting her stuff, right?!

Cut and then color my world by David Marshek.

The color blends to perfection, transforming me into a conditional millennial and of course complementing my fabulous natural skin tone and camouflaging any facial flaws.

David would rather forsake his passion for gardening then inappropriately mismatch skin tone and hair color.

When these Hollywood types brag about their glam squad do not despair…a humble pleb like me counts the dynamic duo of Travis and David as an integral part of Team Toby.

Bonus, Travis gives amazing men’s cuts and both follicle magicians make my hard to please hairdo dolly daughter exquisitely happy.

Fantasy fulfilled and looking good until after spinning this morning.

Unfortunately, no fantasy lasts forever.

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  1. You’d look fabulous even with a styling from SuperCuts and a box of Clairol color at home!!!

    You’re always a glam gal to me!! 💕

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