Gifts That Keep On Giving…

The holidays are over, but giving is always in season.

I just donated to Marcus Flowers’ campaign.

He is running against  Marjorie Taylor Greene.

I would donate to the subway pizza rat if it were running against the rabid congresswoman.

I also gifted Planned Parenthood in the name of Senator Ted Cruz.

I must sing the praises of a gift I recently gave.

Ode a la Rose is an amazing floral company. They offer magnificent flowers and are efficient and reliable and a preferred option to calling a generic 1-800-Flowers business.

I have ordered from them before and have never been disappointed so I gave my daughter a monthly delivery gift and this week she received her first arrangement.

On delivery day I was notified of a delivery window and emailed a photo of the fresh, elegant and well packaged flowers.

I find that flowers add color and caring to someone’s life.

Just throwing out a seedling of an idea.

Conversely, A gift I would never give is Melania Trump’s millinery.

Hold your hat, here’s the scoop.

A 14-day auction on labeled, the Head of State Collection, is happening.

The name is presumably a reference to the broad-brimmed, one-of-a-kind hat originally worn by Mrs. Trump in 2018 during French President Macron’s state visit.

It is signed by Melania…who knew she could write or would risk breaking a biweekly French manicured nail.

Also on the block a 2021 watercolor by the French artist Marc-Antoine Coulon of Mrs. Trump in said hat, signed by the artist.

Hmmm, perhaps timely and convenient, as I am in the market for artwork for my Florida home which is close to Mar-a-Lago. I could just pop over.

But, hold your hat…the opening bid was set at approximately $250,000.

Allegedly, she is giving some of the proceeds to charity, but trump and her shady posse will not respond to inquiries.

I am guessing the recipient is the Dump Trump Divorce Fund.

Hats off to a great weekend👒👒

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