Giants Suck, My Daughter Doesn’t…

Hundreds of dollars later and many, many miles traversed, I am a demoralized Giants fan.

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday.

We experienced lovely family time, but we are collectively bitter….the NY Giants emphatically suck.

The day was ripe for a stellar birthday celebration.

I planned brunch at a new, very cool restaurant.

Afterward, we attended the NY Giants game against the New Orleans Saints.

Getting to the stadium is a crazy pain in the butt.

Arriving inside at your seat is a hike from the new bus drop off location.

Then for the next 3 hours you are at the mercy of your row mates.

Just like partisan, irate Judge Kavanaugh they all like beer…lots of beer.

For the face price of $135 the guys never watch the game.

They only pee and consume vast quantities of lousy food.

It becomes challenging  to rise every 2 minutes for homely, drunk, flatulent males in Giants t-shirts.

And it is intolerable when the Giants lose.

Then you trudge back to the buses and stand in line with 100’s of despondent fans and finally get a seat and for the next hour, watch the driver fight bumper to bumper traffic into the city.

I seriously hope we lose every game the rest of the season so that we can get another top draft choice and secure a better quarterback, offensive lineman or pass rusher.

Happy birthday, Courtny.

I hope your day was special and that Gucci helped to ease the agony of defeat.

Running back, Saquon Barkley


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