Giant Win…

Many of you could care less about football, but humor me.

2020 offers few highlights.

I was just awarded an early holiday gift.

The NY Football Giants, double digit underdogs against the Seattle Seahawks, WON yesterday against all odds.

The Giants starting quarterback was sidelined with a hamstring injury and romance novel named back up quarterback, Colt McCoy, did just enough.

The real stars were the Giants defensive players.

They played way above their pay grade.

To me there ain’t nothing sexier than a G-man in his tight pants, bulging arm muscles wearing a helmet because all men are studs in a helmet…makes the fantasy more intriguing because not many look like Tom Brady.

I have no voice from watching the dynamic win.

I never stopped moving and racked up 7000 steps pacing.

It has been years since I have been this excited about a Giants game because they have thoroughly sucked…that’s a technical term.

Unbelievably, this must win game propels the Giants into first place in their division…it’s insane.

I am now relaxing with my partner in crime, Courtny, with a shaken not stirred ice cold martini.

My husband has the potential to be a jinx during Giants games so he was sequestered in another part of the house, supplied with food and libations.

Finnley, man/woman’s best friend, served as his partner in seclusion.

Both were rewarded after the big win.

Despite all the sadness, this was a Giant, positive winning moment in Coronaville.

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  1. this is all well and good,but wish it were another team they beat……Seattle is Rebecca’s hometown. not sure she is a football fan so it might be ok. happy for you.
    i know how tough it is when”your team” is doing badly….i went through it with the Celtics. I will give a cheer….yay…and hope the wins continue for you and them

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