Giant, Super Memories…

I watched dispassionately.

Super Bowl LV was a welcome COVID distraction, but my heart wasn’t in it…only my desire for Super Bowl snacks and a delectable halftime show which obviously did not happen.

I must admit some of my best lifetime memories revolve around NY Giant Super Bowl appearances.

The first NY Giants Super Bowl was SB XXI in Pasadena on January 25th, 1987l.

I was gifted two 50 yard-line tickets.

My daughter was one year old.

We were in between nannies and could not find a reliable sitter.

No problem…she was one so my thought was to put her in a BabyBjorn attached to David and we were good to go.

Queen E. kept asking me who was taking care of Courtny while we were at the Super Bowl. I dodged and weaved until a few days prior to the big day before providing my game plan.

She freaked, giving me a verbal spanky from Connecticut, immediately booking tickets to Los Angeles.

Like any smart wife she never told my dad that she spent several thousand dollars on the plane tickets…he did as he was told (happy wife, happy life) and was thrilled to be seeing his “cookie”.

My husband knows nothing and cares even less about football. I could not even bribe him with extracurricular favors enticing him to remember who #56 (hint, greatest defensive player ever) and #11 were on the Giants.

We arrived at the Rose Bowl early and we were immediately met with a “Got Tickets?!” barrage of banter.

I was already performing for the TV cameras while decked out in literally everything NY Giants with my NY Giant license plate around my neck on a chunky brass chain like a white suburban rapper circa 1986.

David was holding onto the tickets and this guy approached and asked where his seats were located…he freaked out and offered $5000 for the 2.

Breathless, my husband hunted me down and said we are going to the Caribbean and told me the terms.

I exclaimed in no uncertain terms that I would leave him if he ever consider selling mine.

“Happy trails…you are on your own. This is one of the greatest moments in my life.”

Dejected, he inquired, “Better than marrying me and giving birth to our daughter?!”

Don’t test me.

What an amazing victory and we sat next to Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick and for a song, I provided a quick course on Football For Dummies.

Super Bowl XXV was on January 27th 1991 in Tampa, Florida played under tight security due to terrorist threats from the U.S. involvement in the Gulf War.

With a tiny bit of trepidation, but a heart filled with unwavering dedication, I was there to support the Big Blue Wrecking Crew.

Wide Right ( in the final seconds of the game, Bills kicker, Scott Norwood, attempted a 47-yard field goal to win and the ball floated Wide Right) are 2 of my favorite words and are permanently part of sports vernacular.

The NY Giants went on to beat the Buffalo Bills 20-19 in the waning moments of an incredibly close game.

Back to Tampa for Super Bowl XXXVII the worst SB ever on January 28th 2001.

I was on a cruise with my mom and Courtny.

We docked in Ft. Lauderdale at 4am on the 28th, but due to customs, no one was allowed off the boat until 7am.

I gifted the right person and by 4:15am we were in a taxi speeding along I-95 to retrieve Queen E.’s yellow Cadillac at her house one hour from the port.

We shed the luggage and took off for Tampa by 7am.

Queen E. did a drive by at the stadium because she was sitting this one out and headed to a friend’s house to watch the game.

Again, 50 yard line seats courtesy of former NFL star quarterback, Bernie Kosar.

Worse loss ever.

Queen E. picked us up in the same spot as the drop off and in heavy traffic a flatbed truck towing a disabled limo veered Wide Right and sheared the entire right side of the Cadillac off taking the windows and doors leaving us covered in glass and metal.

I will not bore you with the details, but losing the game and half a Cadillac did not make for a fabulous experience, but it was unforgettable.

Super Bowl XLII and XLVI wins against the New England Patriots were two of the greatest Super Bowl games ever.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get tickets without mortgaging the house so  I watched from home and both times went to the Canyon of Heroes victory parade in lower Manhattan and then a more intimate celebration at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

Hopefully, we (Giants & me) will return to the hallowed Super Bowl gridiron before I am too old to dress like a fool and enthusiastically scream and shout for my beloved New York Football Giants.

Ahhh, Memories…


  1. love love this story!!!i thought i was an avid fan….Celtics…but NOTHING like you!they will return as you will sitting in the stands yelling for your team ….touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!

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