Giant Heartbreak…

Apathy Incites Break Up

It’s over.

The love affair has ended and I need to go public.

I cannot live with a quitter and an obvious loser anymore.

The 2017 NY Giants have broken my heart.

I have to compartmentalize the relationship.

I can no longer fully commit to self-imposed bottom dwellers.

Obviously, not everyone is a winner.

I can deal with that.

I have traveled miles and miles of rocky roads with my Giants and I have remained committed and loyal, but I just cannot be heavily invested in a team that screams apathy even though it is rich in talent and ability.

Ben McAdoo, the new leader has been a turn off since joining the team…no love lost on that turd.

Within the football hierarchy, Tom Coughlin, the senior citizen head coach, was tossed out of bounds.

The owners, the powerful Mara’s and Tisch’s, anointed McAdoo the new, young savior who was touted as an offensive genius who was going to take the talented Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr, Sterling Shepard and 2017 first round draft choice, Evan Engram, and make them otherworldly.

NY Giants Head Coach, Ben McAdoo

Ben AcAdoo’s offensive scheme is as boring and archaic as his new ‘do.

On the field, his offensive game plan is pedestrian and commonplace…an offense devoid of excitement, productivity and unable to score.

The reigning Duke of Defense, Steve Spagnuolo, has thrown himself on his sword and is nonverbal about the spiraling Giant defense which stood mighty one mere year ago.

If I owned the NY Giants, I would clean house NOW even with 8 games left.

The fans have left the stadium, the sportswriters have already written the Giants eulogy and the Giants are as pathetic and ineffectual as the U.S. Congress.

I am now a rudderless football fan, hopelessly drowning and no one in sight to throw me a pigskin life preserver.

I can exorcise the Giant betrayal from my heart this season, declaring a complete break up, but I know I will come crawling back with passion and hope in 2018.

Call me fickle…I am sadly addicted to the NY Giants.

I know they are much better than this.

Ain’t love grand.

Photo:Robert Deutsch USA Today Sports


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  1. You can be a Patriots fan for the rest of this year.

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