Giant Emotions…

Odell Beckham, Jr. Scoring

Total and complete bliss.

Please forgive me, but all I want to emote about today is the HUGE New York Giants win yesterday over the Detroit Lions.

I know there are many who could give a shit about my undying devotion to a football team, but the Giants are and always have been a major player in my life.

Levels of personal happiness are gauged against my Giant emotion meter.

The depths of despair are unfathomable.

Yes, I am addicted, but it is mostly a healthy addiction.

I could say that my highs and lows only affect moi, but that’s a lie.

My husband has suffered plenty.

I have stopped talking to people who dare to criticize my team.

But today is all about my elation after 2 consecutive weeks of amazing team play, especially from the lauded Giants defense.

NY Giants Eli Apple making an incredible play

I am all about defensive play.

It thrills me to no end.

If I were ever to contemplate leaving my husband, it would only be for the Giants defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo.

I cannot imagine anything more thrilling then talking shop, dissecting Giants defensive schemes 24/7.

I only have a scant 3 days to rest on my laurels and soak in the victory.

Thursday night we play the Philadelphia Eagles.

No Monday Morning Quarterbacking this week…I’m just chillin’, savoring a highly satisfying Giant moment.




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