Get High With A L’il Help From My Friends…

Since yesterday Madison has been hangin’ at home listening to my vintage Woodstock album.

She is definitely in a happy place.

I believe it is the new meds prescribed to combat the affects of arthritis.

She is now on a daily dose of medical marijuana.

This is not obtained from a stray street corner dealer.

A double blind study at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine showed statistically significant improvement with dogs who participated in the cannabis program over dogs treated with a placebo.

Overnight, Madison’s step is quicker and her spirit lighter.

We are both happy campers.

Her happiness and well being is paramount to the family.

I may need to dip into the chewable goodie bag.

We can spend some quality time together making Alice B. Toklas brownies.

That could be an enjoyable afternoon delight accompanied by a lovely cappuccino for me and a large glass of ice cold filtered water for my bestie.

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