Georgia On My Mind…

Hardest hike…ever!

Made it to the top of Doe Mountain on our final day in Sedona and since I was so close to heaven I asked the powers that be to elect Ossoff and Warnock to the Senate and by the way, get me to the bottom of the mountain in one piece!

The descent was exhausting.

We were perfectly set up for a 71/2 hour road trip.

Sitting on my tush was never so appealing.

The drive through Arizona featured adorable green cacti…I have never seen so many in my life standing tall and proud with arms outstretched…made me thorny!

Being incredibly anal I have been home one hour and have completely unpacked…feels as if I moved my entire kitchen to Santa Fe plus clothes, my precious supply of Charmin and Bounty transacted at a Santa Fe grocery store and a multitude of treasured gifts to put away.

Presently, I am tired with Georgia On My Mind..

As of midnight Raphael Warnock has been declared the projected winner over Hairdo Dolly, Kelly Loeffler…one down, one to go!

And the best news, my warrior daughter made the cross country driving trip in 3 days.

Another state, another lockdown.

It is a very good thing that I enjoy my husband’s  company.

My bed is looking very appealing and I don’t want to have a face like an unmade bed.


  1. Funny. Glad you are well and safe. Last mile to go in Georgia!

  2. Funny. Glad you are well and safe. One last mile to go-in Georgia!

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