Fun Times…

Air travel sucks.

We were booked on a 6:30am flight yesterday from Palm Beach to NYC.

Up at 4am, drove to the airport, returned the rental car, breezed through security and had time for a Starbucks.

We boarded and pulled away from the gate early.

The flight was relatively smooth and 25 minutes before landing the captain announced that JFK was in a holding pattern due to visibility issues and that we too were on hold for the next half hour which extended  to 60 minutes.

The plane was close to running on empty and, therefore, was diverted to Albany.

We refueled and proceeded to sit on the tarmac for 2 hours.

The view was barren. No Governor Cuomo or Sandra Lee sightings.

Finally, we took off and landed about 40 minutes later.

The animals were anxious to get out of the holding pen, but the passengers who had connections were allowed to deplane first…there were many frauds, but what can you do.

After our release, we looked for a taxi stand and for some unknown reason it was a mile away, upstairs, across a skyway, then downstairs…absurd.

We finally secured a cab and then got stuck in highway traffic for 90 minutes…on a Sunday…WTF.

And then the final hammer came down in the form of  the annual Greek Day parade and a 5th Avenue closure.

Thousands of Greek Americans participated in the annual Greek parade, celebrating the 198th anniversary of Greek Independence from the Ottoman Empire.

What about my independence from nightmarish travel?!

Is there an Ouzo drive thru stand…please?!

It was necessary to drop down to 57th Street in bumper to bumper traffic and then head crosstown to 8th Avenue.

Finally, after being on the go for 11 hours which started out as a scheduled 2 hour 15 minute flight, we were home.

Fun times.

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