Full Of Schitt…

Holy Schitt, I am shut out!

I have no closure.

How can I move forward?!

I just binged 66 episodes of Schitt’s Creek.

Like a kid on Christmas Eve I can barely contain my excitement to unwrap Season 6.

But no…Netflix will not release the final season until October 8th.

I am grieving for my sardonic family.

Schitt’s Creek has been a slow-rolling success and I was muy late to the party.

The show blew up at a point in its run when most other shows would be winding down.

The backstory is I watched a few random episodes on Pop TV when Schitt’s Creek debuted in 2015.

I just wasn’t into it.

For several years my daughter has been hounding me to give the show another chance.

I deflected.

Then the pandemic hit and I was desperate for entertainment.

I finally succumbed and I was gobsmacked.

I adore Eugene and Daniel Levy, the father/son team who created and star in, Schitt’s Creek.

The series is about the Rose’s, a wealthy, self- involved family who lose their fortune and move to a small town called Schitt’s Creek that they once bought as a joke.

Daniel Levy (David Rose) thought of the concept when watching, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Schitt’s Creek grows on you and suddenly, you are overwhelmed by the compassion and love…I would even consider a weekend stay at the Rosebud Motel and a shake and fruit cup at the infamous Cafe Tropical.

The character development is compelling.

As in real life, people you thought you could never enjoy and then are thrown together with over and over again, become an indispensable part of your life.

Seriously, I want to shop with David, plan an event with Alexis, drink with Stevie, dig through Moira’s jewelry chest while she rambles on about herself, change the sheets with Johnny, make idle chatter and babysit for Jocelyn while giving her a Glamour makeover…still debating whether I would want to do anything with Roland Schitt.

I Schitt you not, do yourself a huge favor and make the move to Schitt’s Creek.

Next up, a new nugget to entertain you.

If you can steal yourself away from binge watching, read Mary Trump’s book, Too Much and Never Enough.

Everything becomes crystal clear and you realize why Agent Orange is such a “nasty” man/boy.

Not an original, compassionate bone in his chubby body.

Mary Trump’s book fits all the puzzle pieces together and we learn that The House where Agent Orange grew up was fertile ground, providing rich soil for Trump’s inherited nasty ways, bullying and his greatly limited ‘beautiful, great’ vocabulary.

Imagine, even the unappealing red tie and blue suit is not of his own doing.

So get your Schitt together…I just gave you two reasons to trudge through another week in Coronaville.

Wear a mask and you’re welcome.


  1. ellie lupo says:

    will tune in Schitt’s Creek and on list for the book. thanks for the heads up!

  2. Beth Martin says:

    Wow. Ok. I trust you. I’m giving it a second try. Thanks fir the hearty recommendation.

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