Friends And Family…


This phrase takes on an entirely different meaning when Bloomingdale’s promotes the phrase.

I like their implication…20% off.

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I clothed my exhausted body and headed across Central Park to the east side to take on Friends and Family at Bloomingdale’s…moving on up.

Christmas is only 83 days away or eleven weeks and six days. What says retail therapy better than 20% off.

I made my list, checked it twiced and accepted my mission. To be honest, after flooding on the east coast, ripped off renovations on the west coast, furniture purchases and just living life in this age of inflation, the number of gifts should be reduced.


We traditionally go all out during the holidays. My motto is “More Is Better”…quantity and quality. This year less is best and in the place of conspicuous consumption there is always love and togetherness.

Screw it…bring on the presents. I don’t need 72 virgins waiting for me come my demise (is that just for men?) Set me up with a giving and receiving program.

Speaking Friends and Family, Courtny’s birthday was this week so in honor of excess, we celebrated 4 nights in a row. Monday night, was our birthday celebration at Sociale with a friend who is precious to our family.


Sociale is an amazing restaurant. I have reviewed it twice and I have to tell you if you do not head to Brooklyn Heights now, you are insane. Prioritize.

Seafood Pasta
Seafood Pasta

Before booking a trip to Paris, Maui, Tulum or Peru, take Uber NYC, a subway, drive or walk to Sociale and not only consume delectable traditional Italian food with a modern twist, but rendezvous with the handsome, debonaire, charming owner, Francesco.

steak sociale

Tell him the Devil sent you and he will treat you like Friends and Family. Sociale is better than 20% off.

Once Again, The Chocolate Orgasm
Once Again, The Chocolate Orgasm

Now, get out there and celebrate Friends and Family in any manner that suits your needs.

Sociale, Brooklyn Heights
Sociale, Brooklyn Heights

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    Thank you Toby, i and my crew at Sociale are addicted to ITDHM.
    I look forward to serving you again soon and to sit with you, David and Courtny for the best conversation and company e-ve-r.

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