Frevo Fever…

I just had an intimate evening with a perfect 10.

The object of my affections is Frevo, a stylish dining establishment located in the west village.

The recently opened restaurant radiates class, blending exclusivity in a homey atmosphere conducive to an extraordinary culinary experience.

Frevo is not inexpensive, but is on par with the best dining establishments in NYC and beyond.

Frevo has you at hello, serving up a modern twist on classic French cuisine.

The surprising entrance is through a small art gallery featuring original artworks by the chef’s long time friend, Tomas L.

You are warmly greeted by a striking host.

She graciously opens the door to Frevo, which is camouflaged by artwork on the wall, hiding the entrance into the restaurant.

I adore the space…intimate, soft lighting and the entire place is dominated by a chef’s bar arranged with high back chairs.

You have an up close and personal relationship with the staff.

Frevo, a derivative of the Portuguese word ”ferver”, which means “to boil,” a nod to the cooking term and also paying tribute to the creative melting pot that is New York City

Frevo features a mere 24 seats (18 at the bar and a 6-seat chef’s table) where guests enjoy a dining experience overlooking the chef’s work.

The menu changes seasonally to reflect the produce in season.

The staff is predominantly foreign and they all exude charm and wit.

Chef and co-owner Franco Sampogna, who grew up in Brazil, left home at 17 for France.

Only 28 years-old, he has worked with notable Michelin-starred chefs Fabrice Vulin at La Chèvre d’Or. Guy Savoy and Alain Ducasse.

Portuguese co-owner and manager, Bernardo Silva, orchestrates the flow of the evening.

A home grown Connecticut sous chef creates wickedly good pasta and magically spins honey into foam for the cheese plate.

The $124 six course menu offers a wine pairing, but we chose D. Banessy LA Truffiere 16, a fabulous red from Languedoc, one of our favorite wine regions ($89).

Sommelier, Quentin Vauleon, is originally from Bretagne, France. The knowledgeable and relatable sommelier was Named Best Young Sommelier in France for 2017.

The meal began with a demitasse amuse bouche composed of hummus and crispy quinoa…loved the crispy quinoa adorning the top.

Our first course was an outrageous Lobster and Potato dish served with Kaluga caviar which was a perfect compliment to the lobster and potato (Caviar $30 supplement).

Service is comfortably timed and we had just the right amount of time to consume, digest, savor and sip delicious wine.

The next course was an unbelievable Mushroom Ricotta Gnocchi with a mushroom sauce that made me want to request a straw so that nothing was left in the bowl…the mushrooms were divine.

An alternate offering was the White Truffle, Egg and Celeriac ($35 supplement).

The Halibut with melted fennel bulb was spectacular residing on a fried bread base instead of skin.

Chef Franco learned the technique at Le Chèvre  D’Or in Eze-Village which is a highly regarded Michelin Star restaurant serving sensational food with an equally amazing view. We were fortunate to have dined there.

The last savory course was Duck, but neither one of us are fans.

We had told the restaurant in advance so they prepared a special homemade stuffed ravioli accented with cabbage. It was light and delectable.

We had planned on indulging in the Cheese plate.

I was satiated. Our lovely neighbors who drove in from Westchester ordered the Comte de Garde Bernard Antony, 36-month-aged cheese ($18 supplement).

They generously offered us a taste and the Comte was fabulous, served shaved, accented with honey foam.

Dessert was a divine light and airy hazelnut Dulce de Leche.

The wine list is extensive and the price range accommodates all budgets.

Frevo is all that…even the music is compelling and well suited to the ambiance.

You would be remiss in not indulging in Frevo’s refined, sophisticated cuisine.

Frevo 28 8th Street Greenwich Village NYC. Open Tuesday-Saturday 6-10pm. Reservations on Resy.


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