French Fried Comfort…


Confession time.

I can be an emotional eater.

If I am upset or need to be rewarded I seek out something yummy.

Unfortunately, I do not crave carrots or kale. I head in the direction of sweet or salty.

I just read that French fries can contribute to depression.

My thinking is not being able to indulge in the occasional well done fry would lead to depression.

A research team in Hangzhou, China which also brought us Covid, has discovered that frequent consumption of fried foods, especially fried potatoes, is linked with a 12% higher risk of anxiety and 7% higher risk of depression.

What’s left to satisfy one’s moods?

Sex isn’t fattening, but instant gratification isn’t instantaneous as you get older and if my husband isn’t around I just do not have the inclination or desire to go looking for a little loose😎

Paris makes me happy, but flying is so costly, turbulent and annoying these days.

Shopping offers an instant high, but everything is so expensive and I can’t believe I am saying this, but I really don’t need or crave anything.

My sports teams offer no consolation.

Scientific findings be damned.

I am willing to take that risk and once in a while comfort myself with comfort food.

It is also convenient to blame others for depression so instead of piling on my husband I can emotionally unload on fried potatoes.

The consumption of anxiety-ridden french fries seems like a veritable win/win.

Vive Le Frite!!

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