Frantic Friday…

Big day today.

I actually had to refer to my iPhone calendar to keep all the details straight.

Up by 5am.

David virtually heads to Miami this morning.

His Microsoft retreat was obviously canceled so I must put the patio fountain on, lay out his turquoise Lacoste polo shirt, switch on all the office and bedroom lights to provide indoor sunshine, whip up a Cuban coffee and put on Pitbull’s, Welcome To Miami on Spotify to enhance the working mood.

I need to gather up my workout clothes, deodorant and toothbrush/toothpaste and head for the other side of the house by 5:15am.

I have my 12pm Pilates Zoom class.

3:15pm we must be masked and gloved and out the door to retrieve our car which a surfer dude smashed up when he ran a red light just before the quarantine was imposed.

A late afternoon curbside rendezvous is on the books at sexy Bed Bath & Beyond to engage in a covert gas cylinder exchange as our Soda Stream bottles have flattened our bubbly curve.

Not being accustomed to so much action, I will probably be exhausted by the time I return home.

Guess I will have to cancel my Friday date night plans…this has definitely whipped up a huge wave of anticipated excitement in Coronaville.

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