I am struggling with the art of forgiveness.

Why is being forgiving and gracious the right or politically correct thing to do?

When people act entitled or are assholes why can’t they be challenged or called out?

The best reason I can come up with is forgiving others is not because they deserve it, but because it brings peace and the ability to move on to the person practicing forgiveness.

I am having trouble making peace with other’s selfish ways.

Case in point, the endlessly annoying apartment in NYC. We have been plagued by damaging episodes for 8 years. The apartment was finally sold, renovations commenced and the contractor remodeled our lovely ceiling and jackhammered a huge hole.

I constantly have to assume the role of Inspector Gadget to be in the loop and get this construction party started. I am being ‘advised’ to be tactful and not say what I really feel.

I do understand that the owner is stepping up and footing the bill for the damages…DUH, but why do I always have to be the bigger person?

My endless stream of emails have been gracious and generous, displaying patience that I do not possess.

Ceiling Hole
Ceiling Hole

Once again we are the victims. Believe it or not we did not desire a hole in our ceiling.

Here’s my plan IF the work is not completed immediately. I will seek out a band of Ninja warriors armed with poison tipped steel spears that will be launched through the hole in our ceiling. Navigating the offending abode will be challenging. The spears will be removed when our apartment is restored to its prior, pristine condition.

Our apartment has had more facelifts then all The Housewives franchises combined.

I have left the final decision in the hands of the great mediator and forgiveness guru, my husband.


In all honesty, I was committed to Forgiveness…all in. I am now on the fence regarding the plethora of  self-centered Entitlementors who seem to enter my circle of life…uninvited, challenging my patience and commitment to the the big Freakin’ ‘F’ word.

Thank you for forgiving my rant.

Have a pleasant and forgiving  day…just like my Spanx.

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  1. Your journey is amazing (as mine is and everybody else’s). eventually it’ll all come together, the universe loves you (and me) even if you hate some assholes. don’t feel bad, don’t feel you need to behave this way or the other to be ok with God or the universe…this is the concept of needy judgmental God we’ve been taught to believe, you’re loved any ways you want to be or behave because that’s what makes Him happy, just be yourself, the fantastic being She created, He gave you free will for what? For being judged for the ways you decide to express it? That a ridiculous idea for some fanatic. Be mad, vent it out, send the squadron of ninjas He’ll be with you, and if you’re right the Universe will support you with its cosmic intelligence.
    i love you.

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