Food Focused…


My posts seem food focused this week.

I am not overly hungry, obsessed or an obnoxious foodie.

I save my obsessive behavior for the NY Giants and Entitlementors, but food is one of life’s great pleasures.

A fabulous dining experience can elevate a regular day into a highlight reel.

You often engage with very interesting people over food…nice to mix with people who have something to say rather than taking selfies or devouring their cell phones.

Chefs, owners, sommeliers and servers bring color and knowledge to a restaurant visit.

We all need sustenance to survive. Aren’t you starving for fabulous flavors, enticing atmosphere focused around engaging people?

If you read my posts and find them excessively foodie, stop and consider all the ingredients and elements that go into a great dining adventure at home or in a restaurant….and all the nutrients I need to compose and post five blogs every, single week.


While both nourishing and sustaining, food can be the center of a social gathering and always provides fodder for conversation.

The holidays are almost upon us and food is often the common denominator when mingling with family…with some family members you need a focal point and food provides the crumbs for trivial discourse.

Pull up a chair and engage.

Bon Appetit.

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