Follow The Yellow Brick Road…

I just walked out of the country club that I belong to now.

I inherited the home and package deal from my parents.

I looked around the gorgeous landscaped property and realized that I have it pretty good.

It has been a long road paved with renovation pitfalls.

The posse of northerners is not in my wheelhouse either, but I cannot deny the easy lifestyle and the beauty.

Great food offerings, golf, tennis, pickle ball, a swimming pool, spa, gym.

My mother, Queen E, was not a fan of the concept, but enjoyed her life away from the maddening crowd within the community.

My father was totally enamored with the lifestyle and continual sunshine.

He turned 65 and the next day sold his successful business and retired.

Now that the dust had literally settled and I can enjoy life here I must admit I am a very fortunate person.

Whether I keep a piece of the bipolar Sunshine State remains to be seen, but life is pretty mellow here if you just follow the yellow brick road.


  1. When my folks lived in FL, my husband loved the golf clubs and the easy life. He thought seriously about it as a retirement community.
    But the politics…… oh my.

  2. ellie lupo says:


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