Follow The Leader…

That sweaty Tangerine is such a belligerent liar.

So what we learned during the debate last night is that we are all subject to herd mentality, another trump malapropism.

Follow the maskless herd…Americans should gather in Montana and roam the plains, behaving in ways that conform with others in the group rather than as individuals.

I assume herd mentality morphs into herd immunity as is dictated by Dr. Atlas, a neuroradiologist who is now trump’s top medical adviser, supplanting Dr. Fauci.

Agent Orange says Atlas is the greatest doctor in the universe.

Herd immunity is humpty trumpty’s holiday gift to Americans.

The plan is we are all exposed to Covid-19 and survive with the goal of protecting the most vulnerable except we know seniors will probably not survive so no biggie we just throw them on the herd immunity bonfire and keep warm during those frigid Montana nights, sacrificing the over 65s for the well being of others.

Who needs parents and grandparents anyway.

I would just like to point out that many of Dr. Atlas’ associates believe that his opinions and statements run counter to established science and undermine public health authorities.

Such a fun debate.

I watched Joe Biden on another network and he was informative, caring, on point and calm.

I then switched to the LA Dodgers/Atlanta Braves playoff game.

I was fantasizing about all the things I could do with a baseball bat during my herd immunity get together.

*Cartoon: Hedgeye

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  1. Loved this post…I saw a tweet last night “trump’s town hall may end up with better ratings than Biden’s…of course people prefer to watch videos of a car crashing than somebody parallel parking his Prius”. Genius.

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