Float Like A Butterfly…

Date night.

It was so much fun to shed athletic wear and get gussied up with make up, jewelry and adult wear.

My husband walked into the room decked out in a beautiful Carolina Herrera blazer and shirt and his sleek Stubbs and Wootton loafers and that magical feeling surfaced.

The home grown David butterflies were awakened from slumber.

The winged beauties who have resided in my tummy for over 40 years started flapping their featherweight wings.

They had been dormant from illness and lack of energy, but they took flight again on Friday night.

We have been laying low due to the unwelcome virus which just won’t pack up and leave.

I was thrilled to go out to dinner at a fabulous restaurant dining outside as the sun was setting and the temperature dipping, celebrating with martinis and luscious tuna tartare which the owner sent over, divine uni pasta and branzino.

So happy we are all, once again, soaring.



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