Feel Like Dancing…

If I had a walk in closet I would be dancing.

I am storage space challenged, but I made things much better over the weekend.

Saturday was a day of accomplishments.

Actually, the plan was to head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the members preview of the Manet/Degas exhibit at 9am.

Friday night held no sleep. It was pouring rain at 8am which was departure time.

I punted.

After a cappuccino I asked my husband what should we do since we passed on culture and awaited the sheets to be finished in the dryer.

He suggested the heinous task of cleaning drawers  and closets.

I cringed and then reconsidered.

He volunteered to be my sous chef…a truly delicious offer.

The goal was to reorganize, eliminate and mine for hidden jewelry.

Four and one half hours later the accomplishment high kicked in.

I had 2 bags filled for donation and one for a close family member.

I found my long lost earrings, but, alas, that was the only treasure I unearthed.

Everything is clean, neat and organized.

Although it is not my dream to spend a Saturday morning doing Satan’s chores I do feel good.

My pledge is to never buy another thing, but that is not a reality I can adhere to.

I shall just keep on dancing and jumping for joy that I can cross one of the worst chores off my list for another year.

By the way, hoping for a Happy, Sweet, Safe Jewish New Year for all observers.


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  1. Cathy Newman says:

    Fall cleaning must be in the air! Yesterday I tried on every pair of pants I had hanging in the closet and put clothes I could no longer wear in 3 bags to take to the thrift store. I feel virtuous. I’m just sad I’m too fat to wear them. By the time I might fit in them again, they’ll be out of style! Ha! Will you get a “rain check” on the Degas/Manet exhibit? Saw a few pics on CBS Sunday Morning.

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