Feeding The Beast…


I have announced my austerity plan.

My only way to feed the shopping beast is by playing supermarket sweepstakes…I feed my retail beast and simultaneously feed the beasts in the household.

Yesterday I had a date with Ralph, Joe, Bristol and to round things out, Whole Foods.


Hours of filling reusable bags, comparison shopping and trolling the aisles with time out for a dentist appointment. What a day. No wonder I love New York.

I must admit the produce in California is like, totally fabulous. Grocery shopping is ultimately easier in southern California because you can fill the car to the brim which is exactly what I did.

The top was down and the melons were flying around the back seat. I was worried about being ticketed for exposed melons.

Geez, can you believe what I am writing about…life is so unglamorous in LA.

Enough said. I have to unpack my purchases before items defrost and tend to the task of slicing my melons.

Perhaps I will open a bottle of bubbly to ease the pain of the mundane. Then I have to make dinner…make it two glasses of liquid nectar.


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