Father’s Office Means Business…

Beet and Feta Salad
Beet and Feta Salad

I devoured some wonderful farm to table food at moderate prices last weekend.

Father’s Office has been situated at the Helms Bakery in Culver CIty for several years and it continues to impress.

Not every terrific food encounter has to be an elegant dining experience.

Father's Office Interior
Father’s Office Interior

Father’s Office is a casual place. Walk in, order, pick a table, set your number down and wait with bated breath for some delicious grub.

Father’s Office is the nationally acclaimed Los Angeles Gastropub by Chef Sang Yoon and home of the much touted “Office Burger”. Chef Yoon, who competed on Top Chef Masters last year, also owns the neighboring more sophisticated restaurant, Lukshon.

Office Burger
Office Burger

The restaurant is known for its hamburgers…no changes, exceptions, modifications. You can advise as to rare, medium or well.

Sweet Potato Frites
Sweet Potato Frites

The burgers are moist and delicious with caramelized onions, bacon, gruyere, maytag blue and arugula ($12.50). Add sweet potato fries that are crispy and flavorful for $2.50. A basket of fries is $7.50 when ordered separately.

Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast

The special that night consisted of an amazing heirloom tomato salad with foam feta “cheese whizz,” cucumber, nicoise olives and basil vinaigrette ($12). It was fabulous, flavorful and a great combination of ingredients.

The Bliss Farms avocado toast with white anchovy, fennel confit and fried capers was another delectable special ($8).

Other standouts are prime hangar steak with bacon butter and frites ($21), organic beet salad, cabrales blue, walnuts, pumpkin seed oil ($10.50) and roasted beef marrow, caper salad toasts ($11).

fathers beer
Blanche de Bruxelles

The beer selection is endless. Their focus is craft beer and its pairing with food. They feature a seasonal selection of 36 craft beers on tap along with esoteric small producer wines, micro distilled spirits and classic cocktails.I ordered a marvelous Blanche de Bruxelles ($8) and my husband ordered a specialty beer ($10).

Father's Office Patio
Father’s Office Patio

I prefer off hours to dine there. I don’t love sharing tables, but the outside area is lovely and you can check out all the retail therapists, heading to In Bed, H.D. Buttercup and Room & Board.

Eating is a full time job so get to Father’s Office and get busy.

Father's Office Signage

Father’s Office 3229 Helms Avenue, Los Angeles, California. Additional location in Santa Monica on Montana Avenue. Monday-Thursday 5-11pm, bar is open until 1am. Friday-Saturday 12pm-12am, bar is open 12pm-2am, Sunday 12-10pm, bar 12pm-12am.

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