Farm Fling…


Sometimes routine is fun.

Since our move to the Palisades, Sunday mornings begin at 7:30am. We gather up Ms. Madison and hoof it to the bustling metropolis of downtown Pacific Palisades.

We make sure to arrive at Cafe Vida a few minutes before 8am because on Sunday there is always a wait. We need to secure an outdoor table since we are a party of three and one of us sheds so it is necessary to dine outdoors.

I am a traditionist and always order the organic, gluten free brown rice pancakes with flax and chia seeds. The pancakes are light and fluffy with a generous dollop of fresh berries, hold the powdered sugar. The coffee is actually strong and delicious so no need to stop at Starbucks or Peets beforehand.

I adore the feisty, highly efficient female server. The crowd is always the same core group. We have met many interesting people there such as the east coast trainer for an action hero (won’t divulge). I love dishin’ sports tidbits with him as he is also a very knowledgeable sports junkie and I can get some satisfaction.

The Knack
The Knack

We always chat with The Knack band member, Berton Averre. Last week we discussed opera, Broadway musicals and Dancing With The Stars calling for permission to use My Sharona on the show. By the way, the classic, My Sharona, went Gold in thirteen days and was the #1 song of 1979.

Then there are the yuppies who show up with screaming children who are never disciplined yet are made to perform and parrot their limited life knowledge while the helicopter parents prompt and hover.

My favorite is when they have their two-year olds place their food order, but no words come out and the servers are literally on bended knees for five minutes. The parents always end up placing the order and are usually very disappointed with the toddler’s non-verbal communication. A stern verbal unleashing on their kids inevitably follows when said server departs.

The last several weeks, the Pali High Band has paraded through town dragging, cellos, drum kits, string instruments to the little park. I always wonder why all the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover parents don’t give the kids a ride, but I digress.

The band performs in the square and are very talented although this Norman Rockwell scene does make me break out in hives, but that’s my own personal suburban allergy. I am comfortable here now. If I had children in school, I would relocate.


The last stop of the morning ritual is spent perusing the goods at the Farmers Market. Sunday, I rubbed elbows with Ben Affleck and the kids. We simultaneously sampled Frecker’s juicy strawberries. Love this stand and their robust red lettuce, divine snap peas and organic carrots.


There is a plethora of foods, flowers, homemade popcorn and a variety of empanadas. Free samples are plentiful, as well as Republican propaganda, custom oils, dips and fabulous fresh caught fish.

I spent 15 minutes discussing cuts of fish and finally settled on the black cod.  I went home and googled the Nobu recipe as the best item on the Nobu menu is the marinated black cod.

I am presently in day two of heightened marination. I will let you know how the final product turns out.


Every week, another musical group serenades the throngs of shoppers.


On the way out, I was reunited with my husband and dog since canines are banned except for the rescue pups from Star Paws which we moon over every week. The temptation to adopt another is overwhelming.

Star Paws Rescue
Star Paws Rescue

The market also has pony rides and Jennifer Garner was queued up waiting for Batman, I mean Ben and the girls to saddle up.


I rarely shopped at the Santa Monica Farmers Market when we resided in Santa Monica because it was so crowded and expansive.


So, I relent every Sunday morning and become a traditionalist.

Then it is off to parts unknown for a more unconventional weekend adventure.


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  1. Paula Lopez says:

    So what is wrong with Pacific Palisades- ????????All looks tempting to me!

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