Family Heirloom…

I was making lunch the other day and my petit heirloom tomatoes called out.

“Help, we are wrinkling and we can’t survive.”

They touched my soul and personally knowing how wrinkles can be defeating, I scooped up those colorful babies and bathed them in extra Virgin olive oil and led them to a better place.

I grabbed a pan and gently laid them out in the EVOO, adding a kosher salt and fresh ground pepper bath and sprinkled in a handful of fresh basil.

I preheated the oven to 450 and placed the heirlooms in a warming sauna for 25 minutes.

Seeing a bit of char around their little spheres,  it was time to mix it up and I placed them in my mini processor and blended well. (A blender of any sort works).

I mingled the rich, fragrant sauce with freshly cooked pasta and cut up mini mozzarella balls, mixing the cheese in with the hot pasta and sauce so the mozzarella oozed over the main ingredients.

I served the pasta with a topping of fresh cut basil and a scattering of Panko crumbs.

In review you just need:

petit heirloom tomatoes or any type of fresh ripe tomatoes


Kosher Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper to taste

Fresh Basil

Mozzarella Balls

Panko (optional but worthwhile and once again I recommend Trader Joe’s Panko).

Roast for approximately 25 minutes and then blend,  add sauce to the freshly cooked pasta, toss in sliced mozzarella so it melts a bit, top with fresh cut basil and Panko crumbs.

I am obsessed with not tossing out fresh produce so waste not want not!

This homemade tomato sauce creates a delicious, quick, inexpensive, easy meal.


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